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SaVE Program

At the heart of the 1926 Collection is SaVE (Sunny’s Voice for the Environment), our dedicated approach to sustainability.

We embrace eco-initiatives like paperless check-in and carbon footprint monitoring. We’re committed to preserving Malta’s beauty through beach clean-ups, supporting environmental organisations, and instilling an enduring respect for our shared environment. Here’s some of the ways we do that:

  • We prioritise providers that offer eco-friendly options, actively support local suppliers, and have implemented robust recycling programmes.
  • We’re proud to have achieved Level 2 Sustainable Travel status on, signalling our steadfast dedication to sustainable practices.
  • Our team, led by a dedicated Sustainability Manager, regularly participates in environmental workshops, driving a culture of ecological mindfulness and engagement.
  • We have established a Sustainability Committee, ensuring our commitment to a sustainable future isn’t just a promise, but a measurable and evolving action plan.

From bulk ordering of supplies to minimise waste, to empowering our team through education, we are weaving sustainability into the very fabric of our operations. We organise and participate in environmental initiatives, invite our guests to join us on this vital journey, and utilise digital technology to minimise paper use and streamline our operations. It’s a comprehensive and passionate pursuit of a sustainable future, in the spirit of Sunny and his dedication to our shared environment.

Join us on that journey.