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Careers with 1926 Collection

Find Your Opportunity with the 1926 Collection

Join the team that shapes the heart of the 1926 Collection. As a family united by Sunny’s vision, we understand that our strength lies in our people.  In his time, Sunny was a much loved and respected employer. The ceremony for the celebration of his life was attended by employees, former employees, relatives of former employees and many, many others. Indeed ,the congregation spilled far into the streets of his beloved Hamrun.

Our people they are the ones turning moments into memories for our guests, embodying our commitment to luxury, sustainability, and personalised service.

We invite you to be a part of this journey, to learn, grow, and contribute to our shared goal of creating unforgettable experiences.

Begin or continue your career with the 1926 Collection, and help us to weave our rich tapestry of hospitality in Malta.

Our Careers