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Rooted in honesty, integrity… and true Mediterranean hospitality

At 1926, it’s personal

This is the 1926 Collection – a carefully curated ensemble of boutique hotels, each echoing an aspect of the ethos born in 1926, the year our founder, Sunny, was born.

Nestled in Malta’s vibrant locales of Sliema and Valletta, these four distinct properties each contribute to a rich tapestry of experiences. Intricately bound by a common thread of luxury, sustainability, and personalised service, the 1926 Collection is more than a selection of hotels – it’s a lifestyle. Rooted in the charm and culture of Malta, our hotels embody a philosophy of timeless elegance and enduring hospitality.

Our commitment to enhancing your guest experience goes beyond mere comfort. With offerings from sun-kissed seafront lidos to wellness retreats, and from historic city charm to artistic indulgence, we aim to craft memories that are as diverse as they are delightful. Here, every stay becomes a journey through history, culture, and luxury – encapsulating the vibrant spirit of Malta and the pioneering vision of those that came before us.

Our Heritage

Everything about our dynamic past inspires what 1926 is today. Our inimitable history means you get the best from the future we’ve built as a family.

1926 is a tribute to Sunny’s life

We hope that Sunny would be proud to see our collection of properties today – a collection that’s truly unique on the Maltese Islands. Sunny (or Saviour Borg, to use his full name) loved Malta and showcasing everything the islands have to offer.

That’s why, today, we have created a prestigious collection of hotels with an approach that’s rooted in Sunny’s heritage. While evolving from his early career in the Merchant Navy and, later, Malta’s textile sector, his ability to blend sartorial elegance and luxury with the charm of Maltese culture lives on.

Now, every property in our Collection stands as a beacon of history and elegance. From our high-quality fabric and 1920s details to our attention to detail in everything we do, each was inspired was a particular element of Sunny’s personality. Today they are all are reminiscent of his commitment to exceptional experiences.

Reminisces on Sunny’s extensive travels reflected in the various details evocative of luxury train travel, exclusive Parisian Hotels as well as premium wines.

Take me there

Revives Sunny’s love of history particularly the legacy left to the islands by the Knights of St John

Take me there

Muses on Sunny’s love for Jazz as well as his implacable quest for creating the ultimate wellbeing experience.

Opening 2025

Recollects his love of literature, art and theatre through its galleries and libraries.

Opening 2024

Our hotels celebrate the art of fine living while upholding the core values of our origin – offering a timeless getaway in a property that’s perfectly suited to the Malta you want to experience.

Welcome to Sunny’s Malta!

This is the journey of 1926 – tracing the evolution of Sunny’s own story and charting the route to our Collection’s completion.

His contribution to Maltese society will live on and will not be easily forgotten